M.A. Requirements

The Master of Arts degree in Art History (M.A.) offers the opportunity for advanced study in art history, with an emphasis on Spanish, pre-Columbian, Latin American Colonial to Modern, and contemporary Hispanic art in the United States; contemporary United States art and criticism; and the cultural and artistic traditions of San Antonio’s immediate region. The degree is designed to prepare the student for a career as a teacher of art history at the junior-college level and other arts-related professions or to serve as a basis for entering doctoral studies elsewhere.

Program Admission Requirements. In addition to the University-wide graduate admission requirements, applicants are expected to have completed an undergraduate major (24 semester credit hours) in art history or the equivalent in related fields that combine substantial studies in the humanities and visual arts. Students with no studio background will be required to take one undergraduate studio art course.

Application Materials. Application to the program is submitted online through the Graduate School’s Web site (www.utsa.edu/graduate/). Students can obtain information, detailed instructions of what additional material they must submit

  • three letters of recommendation
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores
  • official transcripts
  • a writing sample, and
  • statement of intent
  • as well as forms,from the following Web site: www.utsa.edu/graduate/

Deadlines for all materials for each term can be found on the same Web site.

Degree Requirements. The minimum number of semester credit hours required for this degree, exclusive of coursework or other study required to remove admission deficiencies, is 36. Students are required to pass a language examination demonstrating a reading knowledge of a foreign language; in most cases, this will be Spanish. The suitability of another language will be determined by the student’s advisor. This test should be completed before the student earns 18 semester credit hours of graduate work in this program. Courses in which a grade of “C” or lower is earned will not count toward the minimum 36 semester credit hours required for the Master of Arts degree in Art History.

Degree candidates must complete the following requirements:

3 hours – AHC 5123 Seminar in Research Methods and Writing (must be taken in student’s first year)

21 semester credit hours of art history electives approved by the student’s advisor, selected from the following and distributed across the disciples offered by the program:

  • AHC 5813 – Topics in Art History
  • AHC 5823 – Topics in Mesoamerican Pre-Colombian Art
  • AHC 5833 – Topics in Spanish Art
  • AHC 5843 – Topics in Latin American Colonial Art
  • AHC 5853 – Topics in Contemporary U.S. Art
  • AHC 6813 – Practicum in Art History and Criticism
  • AHC 6833 – Art Gallery and Museum Practices
  • AHC 6843 – Project in Art History
  • AHC 6913 – Seminar in Art History

6 semester credit hours of free electives. These are courses outside the discipline of art history in the supporting fields of Spanish, history, anthropology or studio art (as approved by the Art History Advisor).

6 semester credit hours of AHC 6983 Master’s Thesis

In addition to the semester credit hour requirements set forth above, all candidates for the degree are required to pass the Comprehensive Examination, a slide and essay examination designed to test students’ knowledge of the history of European art, art of the Americas, and areas of concentration. The Comprehensive Examination is normally taken during or immediately after the semester in which students complete their coursework and before completion of the thesis.

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Advisor of Record
Dr. Teresa Eckmann, Professor of Art History

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