Bachelor of Arts Degree

The BA in Art provides specialized study in art in the context of a liberal arts education. An Alternative to the Bachelor of Fine Arts Deree (BFA), the BA presents a greater emphasis on academic studies and a lesser emphasis on studio practices. The curriculum aims toward breadth of experience and understanding rather than professional specialization. In addition to the course work within the major and core curriculum, students choose electives from several disciplines from across campus, providing a broad base of cultural, historic and social issues interdisciplinary in nature. The study of art requires the development and practical application of critical thinking, an evaluative and cognitive skill especially useful across the employment spectrum and sought after by potential employers. 

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Art is awarded upon the completion of 120 hours, of which 42 hours are Core Curriculum requirements. Thirty-nine of the total semester credit hours required for the degree must be at the upper-division level.

The B.A. degree in Art recognizes the successful completion of a program of study which includes foundation study and some specialization in studio art practices and a broad foundation in art history. The curriculum aims primarily toward breadth of experience in the context of a liberal arts education rather than professional specialization.

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