Satellite Space


The UTSA Satellite Space is the off-campus gallery of the Department of Art and Art History of the University of Texas
at San Antonio.  Since its first  exhibition in 1993, the Satellite Space has become one of San Antonio’s
most respected venues for challenging contemporary art. Exhibitions are free and open to the public.
Check our homepage for the latest exhibitions coming to the Satellite Space.

The Satellite Space committee reviews exhibition proposals twice a year for group and two person exhibitions.
We are currently accepting new applications for September 2013 – February 2014.

Deadline is May 4, 2013.

Gallery Coordinator: Matt Kubo

Past Exhibits:


October 03-20
Michael Villarreal, Megan Spacek, Lisa Samson, Krista Quiroga, Alyssa Moody,  Daniel Gray, Kathryn Garner, Julio Barrientos

August 1 – August 18
A Conversation: Piecemeal
Steve Wiman and Jill Bedgood

July 5 – July 21
Things That Make You Go Hmmm
Roberto Celis, Raul Gonzalez, Lee Peterson and Nico Whittaker
Curated by Raul Gonzalez

June 6 – June 23
Into Form/Machines and Creaking Carts
Philip John Evett and Eve Whitaker

MAY 2 – MAY 19
MFA Thesis Exhibitions -
Essence :: Jane Liang
E Pluribus Unum  :: Lee Peterson

MFA Thesis Exhibitions -
IRL (In Real Life) :: Jimmy James Canales
Splice :: Jamie Garrison

February 28 – March 17
Entrance Before Exit
Robin Germany, Michael Henderson, Beth Thomas

January 31 -February 17
Borrowed People/Constructed Places
Anne Leighton Massoni, Libby Rowe, and Kris Sanford

January 3 -20
Seeing is Believing; Transient Spaces for Home
Casey McGuire and Lindsay Palmer


December 6 -16
MFA Thesis Exhibition - Permutation :: Benjamin McVey
Sequence :: Brian Fridge

November 1 – 18
MFA Thesis Exhibitions
Repetition and Ritual :: Julie Ledet
Life is an Electric Whip :: Ivan Salcido

October 19Culo de Oro/The Golden Ass :: Julia Barbosa Landois and Erik Sanden
October 11  - TASA One Foot Exhibition

September 6 – 23
31K Portraits for Peace :: Diego Huerta and Daniela Gutiérrez
curated by Claudia Zapata, Curator of Exhibitions and Programs
Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, Texas

August 2 – 19
Stacy Elko, James Miller, Lenise Perez-Miller

July 5 – 22
Delicate Sensibilities :: KC Collins, Lee Littlefield, Carly Silverman, Corey Stein
Curated by Casey Arguelles Gregory

May 31 – June 17
Before Time We Stand and Crumble :: Jeff Forster and Ken Mazzu

May 3 – 20
MFA Thesis Exhibition
Spontaneous Generation :: Jessica Battes
The Intentional Stranger :: Megan Harrison

April 5 – 22
MFA Thesis Exhibition
Indians For Sale or It’s All Going Back
Joe Harjo and Mat Kubo

March 1- 18
MFA Thesis Exhibitions
Filling the Void :: Alexander Comminos
Make Me Dream :: Vikky Jones

February 2 – 19
Movement into Form :: Katy Heinlein and Daniel McFarlane
Curated by Joseph Duarte

January 5 – 22
Land Portrait :: Culture Laboratory Collective


November 3-20
Anomalous Traces :: Sang-Mi Yoo
MFA Thesis Exhibition
¡Fijate No Mas! I Can Tell It’s Customized! :: Juan De Dios Mora

September 1 – 25
Pinky Bass, Julie Blackmon, Brianna Burnet, Elizabeth Claffey, Beau Comeaux, Thea Augustina Eck, Hans Gindlesberger, Carol Golemboski, Steven Joshlin, Nate Larson, Ann Mansolino, Blue Mitchell, Kenda North, Steven Rubin, Jes Schrom

August 4-21
A Delivery To Your Senses :: Nikki Anderson and Paul Northway

June 30 – July 17
Black Sites | Black Sounds :: Ron Binks and Justin Boyd

June 2-19
Layers of Meaning :: Andrew J. Ortiz and Janet Chaffee

May 5 – 22
MFA Thesis Exhibitions
All That I Remember :: Gissette Padilla
Tethered :: H. Jennings Sheffield

March 31 – April 17
MFA Thesis Exhibitions
Ultimo Grido :: Sasha Nochovka and Gayle Janzow

March 3 – 27
Signs of Change :: Bodo Korsig and Catherine Lee
Curated by Dennis Olsen

February 3 – 20
Sound Works :: Christopher Cascio
Systematic Drawings :: Jesus De La Rosa

January 6 – 23
Femininity Constructed :: 
Leah DeVun and Sarah Sudhoff


December 2 – 19
MFA Thesis Exhibitions
We Are Not The Only Ones :: Angel Axioma and Bora Lee

November 4-21
Fluid Nature :: Michael Brohman and Rian Kerrane

September 30 – October 24
The Tug Drawings :: Leamon Green
The Art of Transformation :: Naomi Wanjiku

September 2 – 19
Long Range Collaborations
Nate Larson :: Marni Shindelman
Anne Leighton Massoni :: Chelsy Usher
Curated by LIbby Rowe

August 5-21
Turbid Space :: Ovidio Giberga
Refraction :: Jonathan McFadden

July – Gallery Closed

June 3 – 20
Topophilia West by Jason Reed
Things Fall Apart by Melissa Wilkinson

May 6 – 23
MFA Thesis Exhibitions
Absent Tactical Re-Actions by Aaron Muñoz
Clear Expensive Skies by Adam Nowakowski

April 1 – 25
MFA Thesis Exhibitions
Clay McClure, Lupe Mendoza and Esteban Delgado

March 4 – March 21
MFA Thesis Exhibition
Gary Wise: Exit Suburbia

March 4 – March 21
The One, Two, Three Show

February 4 – February 21
The Grey Area
Devon Moore and Kathy Kelley
Curated by Tommy Gregory

January 7 – January 24
Relative Distances (catalog)
Jennifer Ling Datchuk, Wesley Harvey, Paul Northway, Ryan Takaba
Curated by Ovidio Giberga


December 3 – 20
MFA Thesis Exhibitions
Erin Stafford: Strung
Jessica Ramirez: the pink cow
Tommy Gregory: What is in your potato barn?

November  5 – 22
MFA Thesis Exhibitions
Mira Hnatyshyn: Happiness is Easy
Casey Arguelles: Rupture in the Quiet Foyer

October 1- 25
Cathy McLaurin, Ann-Michèle Morales, Rainey, Peter Sharp and Regis Shepard, and two student artists, Eva Marengo Sanchez and Robert Villarreal.

September 3 – 20
Building Vernacular Imaginations
Paho Mann and Libby Rowe
Curated by Scott A. Sherer, Ph.D

August 6 – 23
This…Is Your…This…Is My…
Leslie Wayne, Hilary Pecis, Mariah Johnson, Gisela Insuaste and Hilary Harnischfeger
Curated by Salvador Castillo

July 2 – 27
Con Ajo y Baroque
Julia Barbosa Landois and Beto Gonzales
Curated by Kimberly Garza-Campbell

June 4 – 21
A Broad Perspective
Casey Arguelles, Lupe Mendoza, Sasha Nochovka, Jessica Ramirez, Erin Stafford and Vicki Stephens

April 30 – May 24
MFA Thesis Exhibitions
Carlos Donjuan: Tierra Nueva
Cornelia White Swann: Entre los Dos

April 3 – 19
MFA Thesis Exhibitions
Scott Oldfield: Among the Takers
Willie Sanchez: Penance

March 5 – 22
Apparatus (catalog)
Dylan Collins, Andries Fourie and Donald Henson
Curated by Scott A. Sherer, Ph.D

February – Closed for maintenance

January 1 – 25
All Ladies Video Review (catalog)
Joey Fauerso, Julia Barbosa Landois, Karen Mahaffy, Michele Monseau, Anne Wallace and Guillermina Zabala
Curated by Leslie Raymond and Cornelia White Swann

December - To What Degree
November - Deadly Habits/Four Walls One Room
October - Sana Sana Colita De Rana (catalog)
September - Dreams and Illusions
July - Welcome to the Monkey House
May - Rhythm/Remnants
April - Reminiscing/Domestication
March - Attainable Piece
February - Spiritual Dreaming
January - Engaging Propositions

December - Labels and Paradox
November - Reflections: 117 Sur Y Otros
October - FabricationSeptember – A Quiet
August - Denature
July - Play & Re-Play (catalog)
May - New Work
April - Mo + PoMo
March - Works for America
February - Creating Context: Words at Work
January - Thread Bare & Slip On
December - Baker’s Dozen
November - Bouyant Synthesis & Gender Bender
October - Dot, Dot and Something: 4 Printmakers


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